Placebo Video-Ausschnitt aus dem Unplugged-Album

  • 12.11.2015
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Schaut hier in „Every You Every Me“ rein

Der Countdown läuft. In knapp zwei Wochen werden Placebo ihr langerwartetes „MTV Unplugged“-Album auf den Markt bringen. Als Gast wird darauf auch die junge Sängerin Broken Twin in Erscheinung treten. Gemeinsam geben Placebo und Broken Twin das Stück „Every You Every Me“ zum Besten geben. Hinter Broken Twin versteckt Majke Voss Romme aus Dänemark, die im vergangenen Jahr ihr Debütalbum „May“ (04/2014) auf dem Label ANTI Records veröffentlichte. Einen visuellen Einblick in den gemeinsamen Auftritt mit Placebo gibt es HIER zu bestaunen.

Placebo-Frontmann Brian Molko kommentiert den Auftritt von Broken Twin wie folgt: „The music of the spheres is not something that you can hear. It relates to the movements of the planets in our solar system, the celestial bodies that make up our little corner of the universe. Surely if this music is inaudible then, and if we are influenced by it, our moods, our bodies, our souls, as the tides are influenced by the moon, then it is something we can feel. This is how I feel about Majke Voss Rommes's music. From the first time I heard her sing I fell completely in love.

Rarely have I been graced with hearing such deep understanding of the human condition, with all its frailties, its bravery and misgivings, its pure hope and understanding of failure, the relentless passion to live and the acceptance of the inevitable. When she opens her mouth to sing, the whole of history is there. It is the sound of the cosmos revealing itself. I am humbled to have heard her, to have met her, to have sung with her. Great things await us all, celestial music that encapsulates the intangible that moves us more than on an audible level. What she does is truly spiritual, in its purest sense of the word. If only we take the time to listen. Please do.”

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